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About PetroEnergy

What We do

PetroEnergy Services Company performs civil works and provides various oilfield services to the oil and gas sector in Kuwait. Located in the heart of Kuwait City, PetroEnergy is a dynamic, fully licensed surveying, transporting, segregating, and decontamination company established to manage Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).

We are looking to diversify our portfolio in the oil and gas sector and acquire new skills and provide services comparable to international standards, to strengthen our position in the local market.


PetroEnergy’s ultimate goal is to become a leading local company in the oil and gas sector, having diverse skills in multiple niche areas of the oil and gas industry in Kuwait.

PetroEnergy aims to find safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions for all sort of problems facing the oil and gas operators daily.


PetroEnergy continues to be the market-leader in the provision of NORM services in Kuwait. We help the National Oil Company mitigate the NORM contamination by surveying tubulars, X-mas trees, and ESP pumps. The equipment is then decontaminated in our state-of-the art, custom-made facilities.

PetroEnergy ensures the provision of excellent environmental, and industrial waste management services and prides itself with the compliance to international Health, Safety, and Environment regulations.